1968's Kala Patthar, Solukhumbu

"Kala Patthar" in Nepali is a composition of two different words, Kala meaning black and Patthar meaning stone. Kala Patthar a remarkable and notable landmark is situated on the southern ridge of  Mt.Pumori in the Nepali Himalayas above Gorakshep. Kala Patthar although not a mountain is a popular destination among the trekkers in the region of Mt.Everest as it provides the most accessible and mesmerizing closeup view of the glorious mountain Mt.Everest.  

Old image of Kala Patthar
Image captured by Bob Nicholas during 1968

The ascent of Kala Patthar begins at Gorakshep, the original base camp for Mt.Everest. The elevation of Kala Patthar is commonly listed as 5,545-5,550m. The trail from Gorakshep to the peak is about 1.5km long and the height difference is about 400m. It takes about 2-3 hours trek to ascend to reach the summit.

The best time to pack your bags and visit Kala Patthar in Nepal is during spring. During spring the jungles of the high Himalayas are full of Rhododendron and Mongolia flowers which is a sight to behold. 

The best time of the day to visit Kala Patthar is in the morning as nobody would want to miss the amazing sunrise which gives the ray of hope to have a fresh new start to the day. If you are more of a sunset person then the evening is the best time to visit for a magical view of Mt.Everest with different colors. 

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