Busy Streets of Kathmandu during 1967

Whatever the year be hustle bustle among the people of Kathmandu valley remains the same. Streets full of people selling vegetables and goods for their daily hand to mouth is a general condition among the people.  Smiling faces with warm hearts under the scroaching sun is a sight to behold .This capital city has been historically and economically important for the country as we can see on below images of it's busy streets and markets with full of people.
Images below were captured by Bob Nicholas during his stay at Kathmandu during 1967. And the images shows how the attire of the people,the crowd and architecture has changed but the gentleness, hard-work and warmness of the people in Kathmandu remains the same.

old picture of kathmandu

old image of kathmandu

old photo of kathmandu

old image of Kathmandu
old pic of kathmandu

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